Friday, April 27, 2012


hello! so me and the guys at work decided to have this drawdrawdraw session;
this is where one will pick a character/art piece that they like, and all of us will redraw it based on our style.
and since it was my turn, i picked:
Gwen from Odin Sphere.

here is the wip:
hahahaha the initial step looks like crap.
just recently finished Alisa from God Eater, will post it up when i get the chance.


a rough interpretation of the Napple fruit from Odin Sphere.
made in maya 2008/2009. treated on photoshop.

here is the low poly version maya screencap:
lighting on the fruit is done on texture yay!
and sorry if it doesn't really look like it, did it purely by memory.
am really shocked at how hard it is to find a picture of a Napple online D: